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What's New In Jumbune 2.0

Power-packed with differentiating features that set us apart...

Detect Hidden Inefficiencies

Eviction of bottlenecking Inefficiencies is a foremost step to become performant clusters.

Performance Predictions

Embrace State of the art Machine Learning algorithms to predict performance SLAs.

Proactive Queue Recommendations

Deep analysis & Proactive recommendations of Queue helps achieve higher operational maturity.

ETL Pipeline Scores

Analyze recurring ETL pipelines and query workloads based on scores.

Applications Auto Grouping

Hundreds/Thousands of applications get auto grouped for recommendations.

Early Analysis of Queries and Tables

Become proactive, get early recommendations, warnings before executing workload queries.

AI powered platform for Data Clouds

From Observation to Causation

Observes thousands of metrics across application, services, platform, infrastructure to not only visualize but also provide proactive recommendations for Causation.

Built for Integration

Rich API support

We have rich set of published APIs for complete functionality to be leveraged by your innovative solutions and applications.

Enterprise Grade

Embrace Jumbune to build seamlessly & easily integrate with your proprietary Big Data APM and Devops capabilities..

Easy to Integrate

Platform written to easily extend new APM, Devops & Dataops features to mature your Big Data and Cloud platform practices..


Integrates with Enterprise Kerberos, Role based authorization module, application SLA with compliant deployment strategy.

Jumbune Benefits