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From Observation to Causation

Observes thousands of metrics across application, services, platform, infrastructure to not only visualize but also provide proactive recommendations for Causation.

Faster Analytics

Jumbune helps you to optimise both the cluster and the application with higher precision, so that you go live faster, gain insights and deliver business value to your system.

Better ROI

Delayed analytics and productivity loss can increase cost, adversely affecting the return of investment. Jumbune features helps to increase your ROI on Big Data applications.

Backed by Open Source

Jumbune has its roots in opensource and is powered by a community of developers who have built it from the ground up. Jumbune community version is available for free at

Workload Optimization

Optimized execution of workloads is very fast, which in turn improves business productivity. Jumbune uses best in class machine learning algorithm to execute workload faster than ever before. We have most impactful, tailor made optimizers for each type of workload.


Workload Comparisons

workload comparison

Enables effective collaboration across teams. Helps to figure out the root cause behind observed inconsistencies in the execution time of the recurring ETL workloads.

Proactive Inefficiency Spotter

Proactive Inefficiency Spotter

Hidden Inefficiencies are severe bottlenecks. We embrace AI to uncover them from application, cluster, data and infrastructure. Jumbune not only spot, uproot the inefficiencies but also employ recommendations to uplift the efficiency.

About Us

Jumbune is a Machine Learning powered APM which helps to optimize and improve performance of Big Data applications running on Data Clouds and On-Premise clusters. It is enterprise-grade built on open source. It is highly scalable to optimize Big Data applications and clusters.