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ML assisted Big Data application performance monitoring

Proactive ML based BigData platform performance accelerator
automated data quality management platform

Key Features

ML based Cluster Analysis

  • ML based Recommendations
  • Optimizes Resource pools
  • Performance tunning of workloads
  • Establish Charge-back for usage metering
  • Proactive alerts
  • Uncovers inefficiencies in Cluster, Apps & Infra
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  • World's most comprehensive set of recommendations
  • Gain multifold faster execution of Jobs
  • Optimize Resource Requirements of Jobs
  • Supports all workload types
  • Get recommendations with no re-execution
  • Execution Engines: Spark, Tez, MapReduce, Presto*, Impala*
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  • Comprehensive suite of Data Quality functions
  • Automated Data Cleansing
  • Seamless Data Comparison
  • Scheduled Data Validation
  • Establish Quality metering over multiple ingestions
  • Data Completeness, Accuracy and Correctness
  • Integrate Auto Alert for identified Quality issues
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  • Debug complex MapReduce logic with ease
  • Identify faults in logic by analyzing execution flow
  • Tears down hours/days of debugging into minutes
  • Drills down to lowest Java construct in Mapper, Reducer and UDFs
  • Regular expressions and custom Java validations
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Exclusiveness brought by Jumbune


ML based proactive analysis


World's most comprehensive set of recommendations


Supports exhaustive set of Big Data Components


Integrates seamlessly with existing Hadoop distribution


One stop solution for Devops, Dataops and Developers


Comprehensive Data Quality Management


World's most effective optimization


Complementary - extends existing Hadoop distribution monitoring

Execute any workload faster

Apache Spark
Apache Tez
Apache Hive
Apache MapReduce
Apache Pig
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Apache Impala

Jumbune supports most of the prefered execution engines on YARN to analyze execution. Every individual workload execution whether it's Spark Job, Hive Query, MapReduce Job or Pig Latin can now be profiled, analyzed for resource consumption and optimized by recommendations.

We work with your choice of Hadoop distribution

Hd Insight
Emr Amazon
Horton Works

Jumbune is completely interoperable with your favorite existing Enterprise Hadoop distribution, as it’s offered features complements well with underlying Hadoop distribution.Enterprise data lake on-cloud, on-premise and hybrid.

About Us

Jumbune, a product from Impetus Technologies, that helps to optimize and analyze Big Data applications running on enterprise clusters. It is built on open source and highly scalable with deep insights into performance of Hadoop applications and clusters.